Terms and Conditions for an Author

These are the Guidelines for Stories published on this Site and terms of their use:

  1. This is a family friendly blog (website) so “G” rated material (rarely “PG”) will be approved for publication.  To assist you, think “G” rated movies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_Picture_Association_of_America_film_rating_system
  2. Harsh criticism will be discouraged; no badgering or bullying.
  3. All material used in a story shall be the property of the author and verification may be necessary – especially with regard to media.  The owner(s) of this blog/website shall be held harmless if an author or artist missrepresents copyright ownership or offers malicious or libelous content.
  4. The owner(s) of this blog/website will not offer remuneration for use of an authors material and will remove it upon request after a reasonable amount of time (i.e. within a work week). The material remains the property of the copyright* owner(s) however. * https://cyber.harvard.edu/property/library/copyprimer.html
  5. Any money received for advertising on this blog/website belongs exclusively to the blog/website owner(s).

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When you accept these terms and conditions you become eligible to be approved for for authorship. Register here if you have not yet: https://wp.me/P9QQN9-w

To upgrade to author sent request to:  zeptoq@zeptoq.com
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