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When Earth Takes Back

Earth has lent us metal.

Abandoned – image

She will take it back whether we try to stop her or not. Even when we recycle some is lost. It may take many years for ore to reform.

Seas and Lakes have taken much back.

Old Ship – image

Ships of all sorts including ships from the navies of the world have met a watery grave. Eventually the chemistry of the seas will absorb the metal that these were made of.

Falling – image

Large or Small amounts will be returned.

Old Car – image

JOAN BAEZ ~ What Have They Done To The Rain ~

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Life Did Survive

Meteor Crash – image

If you believe our Earth is old and will survive a multitude of abuse . . .

. . . think again. So a meteor may have wiped out the dinosaurs plus and life had to start all over again, right? All the survivors had to deal with the mess left behind but managed somehow. How long did that take?

Small Mammal – image

Eventually our world recovered and became beautiful again:

Vast Plains – image

Now we humans have become bad stewards and are messing up this world because of carelessness, greed and laziness. We do not respect much it seems.

Ocean and Land Trash – image

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Much Threatens our Planet

What should be the gravest concern of humanity?

1. Pollution?

Pollution – image

2. Over population?

Over Population – image

3. Evil Aggression?

Evil Aggression – image

4. Something else?

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