Songwriter’s Insight 4

Songwriter’s Insight 4

I wrote and recorded two albums (digital downloads only at this time) Sea, Sand and Pines and Silver Sands and Dark Pines; the topics are associated with The coast of New Jersey (industries, shipwrecks) and historical figures, events and embellished by mythology in some cases. The projects were researched and developed over a decade (1995 – 2005).

The song I have chosen for you this week is “She Walks on Moonless Nights”. The daughter of a “Wrecker* leader” (land pirate) fell in love with a young man who became a seaman; on the cargo vessel he was on the New Jersey Wreckers on Long Beach Island (LBI) did their trick on a moonless night and lured the ship onto the beach where the waves wrecked it. Among the dead was the young woman’s lover.

*The Wreckers set fires along the coast to lure unsuspecting ships into what they assumed was safe harbor. When the ships wrecked the Wreckers confiscated the cargo.


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